The Sainte Foy Tarentaise Booking Service

A simple and efficient booking service, for tenants looking for accommodation for their holidays in the Tarentaise, as well as for owners who wish to rent out their chalets and flats using a reliable and fair system.
Sainte Foy is a resort to discover in summer. 

Are you looking for a quiet and relaxing place, family activities, far from the stress of the city?

Book a chalet or an apartment in Sainte Foy.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

questions regarding booking accomodation

What do I need to do to reserve an apartment or hotel room?
You can pre book an apartment on our website by adding your contact details (Surname, First name, home address, email address, mobile number, number of people over and under 18 who will be in the accommodation) 
You can also contact us directly by phone at +33 (0)4  79 06 95 19
The possibility of a free add-on (for a few days) to your stay is also possible by contacting us directly.
Until when can I book?
Online: up to 2 days before your arrival
By phone at +33 (0)4 79 06 95 19: up to a few hours before your arrival, if the host has agreed and the payment has been received. 
What time can we pick up the keys to the apartment, and what time do we need to give them back?
Generally, at 5pm for your arrival, and before 10am when leaving.
You will find this info on the page of your accommodation, in the "YOUR ARRIVAL" page. 
Do we need to clean before leaving?
That depends on your host and if cleaning is included in your reservation. Please contact us if you are unsure. 
Do we need to bring sheets and towels or are they included?
That depends on the reservation. Please check the description of the apartment.
Where can I find the address of my accommodation?
Sainte Foy is a small village, and does not have road names. The name of the building or the chalet is enough to guide you through the resort. Google Maps or Waze can be very useful to help you find the place that you're going to stay in. 

The precise address of your accommodation will be sent to you after the confirmation of your booking. 
We are travelling with children; is it possible to have a child's bed in the accommodation?
Most of our accommodation providers offer to install a child's bed on request. The prices of the additional services offered with your accommodation will be indicated on your rental contract. 
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